Media Giants was established as an e-content company in 1867 – well, ok, not quite but still. We did create the company in 1998 as Australia’s first ever e-content provider and landed AOL Australia as our debut client. We’ve been providing high quality content, content strategy, and editorial production services ever since – for all kinds of online clients, whether they be corporate or government websites, or populating entire media portals.

We work across every discipline of content, whether clients require text, pictorial, video, audio, or just editing.

Our belief has always been that having professionally crafted, succinct and jargon-free content is essential to a corporate website, and Media Giants has a strong ability to connect with “punters”; to bring even complicated messages to the general public in a language and style they can understand. It’s why, back in the day, we were able to bring the excitement of partying at the Sydney Olympics to the Foster’s website while also covering the deep sporting angles for Seven’s Olympic website while also providing being-there reports to AOL’s global audience.

It’s why our articles and videos jumped off the screen with fan passion and fun, as well as expert insights, when we were in charge of

It’s why we were able to succinctly explain a specific tooth-implant technique for the Bond Street Clinic’s website recently.

Media Giants can not only provide content but handle daily production demands for major sites, as we have for, vtown, AOL, and other sites. We have worked with many Content Management Systems and match savvy production with our usual creative flair, all matched with a deep understanding of the online world.

Just a few edited highlights from two decades of online adventures:

SPORTSFAN (Telstra Media)

screenshot-2016-10-26-13-32-08 our most recent heroic partnership with Telstra Media.

Our most recent heroic partnership with Telstra Media. Media Giants wrote eyeball-catching content, drove daily editorial production, liaised with Telstra editors, threw a lot of ideas for creative and commercial opportunities at our client and saved Teolstra producers from having to monitor this site, and and other sites, late at night and on weekends.

AFL.COM.AU (Big Pond Media)


Big Pond Media trusted Media Giants with the editorial content creation, real time production and ongoing management of Australia’s largest sporting website, for four years. The only reason we stopped is because the AFL wanted to take all production in-house and poached our staff. At our peak, we had more than 30 Giants across Australia delivering content, production and management to the site. We loved it. Footy is in our DNA. Go Tigers/Pies.

(Sustainability Victoria)

In early 2010, Sustainability Victoria asked Media Giants to develop the branding, marketing and media plan for a new grants program, Climate Communities.

We not only created the brand on a breathtakingly short deadline turnaround, but also crafted the ongoing plans, as requested, and then began delivering the required collateral, marketing, words, images and management to make Climate Communities a reality.


The brand was launched by Victorian Premier John Brumby and sparked a range of grant applications designed to help save the environment.

The site was yet another in Media Giants’ long line of projects devoted to helping the community and saving the environment. For example, we have also worked on various web and video projects for Sustainability Victoria, developed the content for the Pacific Hydro website, and associated marketing collateral, and worked on a BP Renewable Energy website and animation.

Other client work for websites has included the Victorian Government’s Business Victoria website, and the Victorian Teachers’ Credit Union (VTU) website.



For the Australian premiere of High School Musical 3, Media Giants elbowed aside all the usual media red carpet walkers and sent out a 13-year-old HSM fan, to interview the stars. He loved it. They loved it. The results were hilarious. Citysearch’s traffic was strong!

Media Giants enjoyed a long working relationship with Citysearch. Our journalistic credentials came to the fore when we were asked to supply the Citysearch website with quality lifestyle content from the Northern Territory and Tasmania. This was extended to the provision of national health content, and some branded content for Land Rover.

In 2005 we extended the relationship further with a unique, on-the-ground text and video coverage of that year’s Formula 1 Grand Prix at Albert Park. We even created regular lifestyle videos for Citysearch, taking a fun approach to areas such as music, festivals, film, bars and city life generally. Our strength is our ability to bring a creative flavour to such work and ensure our client’s site has a unique voice.

Such as when Citysearch was keen for us to cover Australia Day and Chinese New Year landing on the same day …



Dave Callan contemplates his ‘mind gun’

When the Florey Neuroscience Institutes communications department wanted to get people excited about taking part in a Brain Fitness Challenge, they came to Media Giants, looking for something eye-catching and unexpected. Which is the kind of brief we love. Throw in the wildly funny natural talent of comedian Dave Callan along with our script and direction, and we came up with this:


Media Giants gleefully responded to Cadbury Schweppes’s brief to sweeten up the Cadbury website.


We looked after the ‘Sweet Talk’ pages, inviting readers to respond to our weird games and strange quizzes. Working from Media Giants HQ, Dr Sweet Talk offered charming advice to those with a sticky etiquette dilemma.

We also managed the dramatically growing number of competition entries (there was a basket of chocolates for each winner…). We also ate a lot of chocolate. We’re prepared to go to any length for our clients.


In 2003, Media Giants joined forces with design and marketing firm Squib to create the official website for Ned Kelly, the big budget film starring Heath Ledger. United


International Pictures wanted a site that would help promote the film in Australia and internationally and chose Media Giants to oversee the site’s content.

The challenge was to make a site worthy of the scale of the film and on par with sites developed for Hollywood blockbusters. A first for an Australian film, the Ned Kelly website attracted huge amounts of traffic.

Among the original content Media Giants provided and managed, we included information on the actual bushranger, behind the scenes at the film, close to live coverage online of the world premiere (at a time in the still-young interweb’s development when that was quite an achievement) and even a short video feature on the the history of the real Ned Kelly.

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