life-plus1aMedia Giants is equally at home in traditional media as we are within the online space. With backgrounds in newspapers and client publishing, we have strong experience in creating client publications.

A few highlights from our history:


linkslife7aMedia Giants produced Links Life magazine for the Links property group. The magazine was aimed at residents and aspiring residents of Links’ residential golf course estates. While it had a distinct golfing flavour, Links Life was a lifestyle magazine covering a broad range of topics including music, food, wine, motoring, travel and more. Media Giants handled all production aspects of the quarterly, full-colour, 64-page magazine, including writing, editing and overseeing the design and printing.




‘Fernwood’ is just one of the many magazines our supposedly e-content company has produced for clients.

Media Giants first developed the Essence magazine concept for Fernwood Women’s Health Clubs. As well as being a fitness magazine, Essence featured stories on balanced living, healthy eating, parenting, women in business, health, legal and financial issues for women. It has since evolved into Fernwood magazine, with Media Giants, Grin Creative (design) and Fernwood working as closely as ever.



Koori Justice was one of the most demanding projects ever briefed into Media Giants, and one of our most rewarding achievements.

The Victorian Department of Justice came to us with a unique problem: how to tell the Victorian community – both Koori and non-Koori – about the newly-formed and potentially controversial Koori Courts.

Media Giants created Koori Justice, a small format magazine that was deliberately designed to be a non-jargonistic read while also explaining how the Koori Courts would work, why the Government was introducing them and what they meant for the wider communities as well as the Koori community.

Koori Justice had a fantastic take-up, from the legal world, Government, community groups and the Koori community at every level.


Free to all Australian Unity members, Lifeplus magazine focused on health, wealth and general well-being. Media Giants generated ideas and produced all the content.


kudos2bMedia Giants first developed the Quest Kudos concept, on behalf of Quest Serviced Apartments, to provide guests with entertainment and information, including travel features, reviews, where to eat, drink, exercise and more. The quarterly, full-colour magazine was distributed through Quest’s properties throughout Australia and New Zealand. Media Giants coordinated production of all aspects of the magazine, from story ideas, writing, commissioning and editing to overseeing the design and printing process.

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