Content is king, according to everybody.

So that makes Media Giants a king maker.

We specialise in online content (text, video, podcast) and production, but also create original, compelling content for newspapers, magazines, TV, radio – just about any form of media you can think of.

Our clients hire us to provide editorial, produce video, publish magazines, develop podcasts and manage their website content – sometimes all at once. We can either handle the process from start to finish or pinch-hit as required.

Or to put it another way:

Online content


TV and video


But wait, there’s more …


Part of the Climate Communities branding and production for the Victorian Government, entirely created and delivered by Media Giants (with strategic creative partners).

tl;dr the links? A few edited highlights from our history include: leading the editorial content creation and production for  the website; devised, maintaining and editing a magazine for Fernwood women’s health clubs; creating initial branding and marketing, a website build and ongoing content production for a major Victorian Government website, (now offline); delivering humorous sports content for, and engaging content for an ongoing Tourism Victoria online and offline educational campaign for stakeholders.

All this work is client-specific, targeted and highly professional. We don’t syndicate, but instead focus on providing true point-of-difference content that is exclusive to you – specifically crafted to your needs and your audience. And created by professional journalists, editors, publishers and video producers.

During our decade in the business, Media Giants has produced everything from a single page flyer to fully-formed television documentaries. We’ve filled the pages of entire portals and led the way when it comes to online video content. We have also created critically acclaimed coffee table books and even found time to create a strong sports satire brand, The Bladder.

Our success stems from the strong relationships we form with our clients, many of whom have worked with us long-term, and our unique combination of editorial, client publishing and marketing expertise.

We understand how important it is to craft communications that reflect our client’s brand values and use our experience to produce branded content that delivers. but all with a journalist’s feel for speaking to everyday people in language they understand.

It’s a great mix that has made a lot of clients very happy for almost two decades. Let us know if you’d like to chat.