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Nick Place

Few people in the Australian media could claim such a diverse and accomplished multi-media CV as Nick Place. At various stages of a 30-year career that started as a copyboy on Melbourne afternoon broadsheet The Herald, Nick has worked in senior editorial and writing positions within newspapers, magazines, television, radio and the internet. He has covered international sporting events, edited many publications, been a film reviewer, worked as head writer and producer on live-to-air commercial network television shows and sports coverage, and even been responsible for editorial development of The Age Online (for which he was nominated for a Walkley Award).


Nick Place

Known for his creativity, people skills, energy and ideas, Nick is involved in all areas of Media Giants; particularly new business, start-up projects and editorial and creative consultancies to existing and prospective clients.

Away from the Giants, he has developed a reputation as a writer of fiction, for the page and screen. He has had five novels published, including a crime novel, ‘Roll With It’, and four children’s novels (see nickplace.me for details). He also wrote and co-produced an internationally recognized short film, ‘The Cook’.
Nick loves ice hockey, scuba diving, Australian Rules football, travel, single malt whisky and coffee.

He continues to work as a comedy writer across various media and even once wrote a stage pantomime, Footy Castaways, which was performed to acclaim at the Last Laugh and, if nothing else, was unique in starring Eric Bana, Lisa McCune, Dipper, Peter Daicos and Tim Watson.

Michael Roberts


Michael Roberts, taken only yesterday. (Disclaimer: Might have been taken some time ago)

Since starting at The Sun newspaper in Melbourne as a cadet journalist in 1982, Michael has developed a media career that has taken him in many different directions (confusingly, often at the same time). He’s covered State and Federal elections for daily newspapers, been a satirical columnist for major metro newspapers, contributed to dozens of magazines and websites, served as a media adviser to two Victorian Premiers, written or edited top-selling non-fiction books and worked on TV shows, radio programs and videos. He’s also edited or published more than 100 magazines, and has developed membership and marketing campaigns for AFL football clubs.

Today he brings all that experience to Media Giants, the company he co-founded. Michael has a hands-on role in all aspects of Media Giants’ operations, especially project management and new business development.

Outside of Giant life, Michael is a highly regarded non-fiction author, having written or edited more than a dozen books, including Great Australian Sporting Moments, 50 Years of Australian Television and many on his favourite topic, the Collingwood Football Club. He thinks TV has never improved on 1960s classic Get Smart, and has a scary knowledge of bad 1970s pop music. He still believes his life’s high water mark was being interviewed by footballing legend Jack Dyer on World of Sport as a 13-year-old – and being called ‘Robert’ throughout the entire interview.

The Giants

screenshot-2016-11-22-16-14-13Over almost two decades, dozens of journalists, copywriters, we producers, videographers, photographers, editors, sub-editors, sales people, and other media operatives have been proud to call themselves Giants, and we’ve been proud to have them on board.

Not everybody can be a Giant. We demand excellence and self-motivation from our crew. Being a Giant means being versatile and multi-skilled, with the highest commitment to quality, user engagement and client message. Plus being a joy to work with, within our team and for our clients. Great editorial can also be fun.

Fly Dog The Magnificent


Fly, heading to the office.

Fly joined Media Giants in late 2002, winning early acclaim from the other Giants as the

member of staff most likely to soil the carpet. She has since developed her skills to the point that she is now in charge of client liaison and greetings, managing all ball-shaped objects in the Richmond area, guarding the balcony waterbowl and overseeing the ongoing motivation (well, licking and cuddling) of the Giant staff.

Head of new business within our fast-growing Canine Division, she isn’t getting any younger but, then again, neither are the human company directors.