What makes Media Giants different?


‘Fernwood’ is just one of the many magazines our supposedly e-content company has produced for clients.

Probably the fact we’e not in business anymore and therefore we’re not trying to sell you anything.

When we were up and running? Well, where do we start?

We were not a marketing copywriting company.
We were not a public relations company.
We were not an SEO-specialist company.
We were not a video advertising company.

We were sometimes all of those things, but we were more than that.

We were a content company with deep roots in journalism, interviewing and storytelling. We could tell happy fun stories of success, or go down to the very deep end of human existence, using empathy and experience to treat difficult stories with respect.

We could write expert articles or scripts, conduct interviews or help with your content strategy.

Our clients trusted us deeply, and expected elite results. We liked to work in partnership with clients, and to offer as many ideas, strategic planning or original creative thought as a client may require. Or, you know, we can just deliver, to a client’s direction.

Both the company directors, Nick Place and Michael Roberts, started in journalism in the early 1980s. While working across all media, and running the company for 18 years, they have been known for strong humanitarian and ethical practices, starting with extremely loyal and happy employees.


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