In July, 2019, Media Giants adopted a bold post-modern alternative take on corporate structure in this digital revolutionary media landscape by closing down the business. Even Rupert Murdoch hasn’t dared to do that.

But it was just the kind of step long-time Giants fans would have come to expect.

Media Giants began life as Australia’s first e-content company, way back in 1998.

Michael Roberts and Nick Place had met during mutually misspent youths as newspaper journalists in the early 1980s. Both were media explorers, leaving newspapers to work as editors, writers, content makers across many streams. Michael wrote some books and worked at the highest levels of Government as a media advisor for senior ministers and state premiers. Nick explored TV across many levels, as well as film reviewing, comedy writing, novels, and more.


Nick and Michael at an early Giants editorial meeting.

It was while working for an early incarnation of that Nick saw the power of what the internet could (and would) become, in terms of content. Finally, he and Michael had a strong path to follow as they achieved their dream of establishing a business together.

AOL Australia signed up as Media Giants’ first e-content client and the Giants have bounced along like that little white ball keeping time with the lyrics in an old skool cartoon ever since.

We’re very proud that Media Giants has employed dozens of content creators, producers, videographers, and more over our 18 year history. We have given career starts to many who are now established and recognised stars or experts  or, Hell, both in their field. We


Nothing but essential items at Giants HQ.

are equally proud to have formed strong friendships with the majority of Giants and former Giants. ‘Once a Giant, always a Giant‘ is more than just a cute T-shirt that we really should copyright immediately. We stand by it and retain close ties with many of staff who have gone off on their own explorations. Although, disappointingly, none have chosen to have that motto as a tattoo.

We have always emphasised teamwork and respect within our workplace, and Giant HQ was, from the start, a place that threw away many of the usual workplace standards that we regard as unnecessary, inconvenient or even, at times, disrespectful to workers.


The Giants: Never out of the headlines.

While never losing sight of being professional, sharp, nimble and creative for our clients, internally, we have sought to make Giant HQ a fun and happy workplace, full of everything from 1960s Mr Potato Heads to Heath Ledger’s Ned Kelly armour, from antique furniture to a Sony Aibo robot dog (back in the day) to an actual, living, breathing pooch (see Fly Dog The Magnificent in Meet The Giants).

Through 2017-2019, Media Giants adopted a new millennium approach, moving to a holocracy workplace system and pushing further and further into storytelling, across all media, as our key strength, as well as acting as editorial consultants, and delivering editorial creation and production services for online, magazines and books.


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